24 Nov 2020


Park your Car South Africa Classified Advertising-Zero Cost And Risk

All our dealers and individuals eligible for trading on our site are pre-qualified to ensure that the product advertised are up to a high standard. We do a relevant quality inspection on all products advertised.

Our Dealers are pre-qualified – and pay a subscription through our e-dealerportal to ensure full transparency and trustworthy transactions – They are always in a position to honour their vehicle offers on a daily basis. You also have the option to advertise the vehicle yourself and determine what is the correct price for your vehicle.

Keep in Mind When you do decide to sell the vehicle on your own ensure you are prepared.

You will need to have the following documentation ready.

  • What paperwork do you need to sell your car privately?
    Proof of ownership certificate.
    A settlement letter.
    Notification of Change of Ownership.
    Vehicle Registration Certificate.
    Proof of sale.
    RWC (Roadworthy Certificate)
    Service history and receipts.
  • VIP- Identify the new buyer – ask for identification , proof of address , remember there’s a number of people out there that will take a change – do not release your vehicle without the funds being cleared and in showing in your account .
  • Reference: https://www.aa.co.za/insights/to-buy-or-not-to-buy-private-purchase-of-a-second-hand-vehicle

That’s why we can assure you that all vehicles sold through our site come with a warranty, have never been damaged in an accident, and include a full-service history that can be verified.

Register online at www.parkyourcar.co.za and buy the car of your dreams.

Or Sell /buy direct through our Dealer network .

We make sure that you get the absolute best value for your money and time by providing you with high-quality and affordable vehicles, services and customer care. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a new or pre-owned car online, we’ve got your back.

We are partnered with qualified dealerships across the country, so we can help you give your listings the most publicity possible and connect you with potential buyers and sellers across your province. We’ll get you the best possible deals on your vehicles as fast as possible!